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Below are some of the examples.

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Project Topics Program Year

Global Deforestations and Forestations for years 1990-2010

SB-REU 2020
Fire data in San Diego County, fire hazard and future development SB-REU 2020
Correlation between income, poverty, and education SB-REU 2020
Contribution of Vegetation to the Atmospheric State of a Country SB-REU 2020

Impact of Monetary Resources on Countries Development Capabilities

HIRES 2020
The effects of global warming on coral reefs HIRES 2020
Exploring Impacts of CO and SO2 Emissions in New York SB-REU 2021
Analysis of Precipitation Anomaly for Nevada SB-REU 2021
Deforestation rates and its effects on the world SB-REU 2021
Air Pollution and Income in New York City SB-REU 2021
Global Water Scarcity SB-REU 2021
The Journey of Plastic into the Oceans SB-REU 2021
Mapping Renewable (Solar) Energy Consumption Across the Unit HIRES 2021
Assessment of Air quality and Economic Growth HIRES 2021
Correlation between Household Income and Education Levels HIRES 2021
An Analysis of Hurricane Evacuation Centers in New York City HIRES 2021
The impact of climate change on coral reef ecosystems HIRES 2021