Nepal Earthquake Relief Help (Targeting villages)

Rural farming villages have been some of the most damaged areas in Nepal with recovery expected to take years following Saturday's magnitude-7.9 earthquake. As the search intensified for those in remote villages that are out of the reach of rescue teams. Our target area is Gorkha and Dhading regions, which is close to epicenter. since our help is reaching though India/Nepal Sunauli border, it is easy to reach these areas compared to Kathmandu.




Picture taken on 06/13/2014

Picture taken on 11/25/2013
This is a Phostar village of Baireni VDC of Dhading district is destroyed completely.
After 3 days of earthquake (04/28/2015 Morning) got update from my coordinator from Village, that all houses are collapsed.
They do have nothing as a shelter in the entire village.